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 Health & Welfare Website - New Info

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PostSubject: Health & Welfare Website - New Info   Sun May 08, 2011 9:50 pm

On the St Bernard Health & Welfare website, we have added a new page called 'Breed Buddies'. The text of which is copied below:

The purpose of this new page is so that anyone who has a new puppy or rescue dog can contact anyone in their region for help & advice or just for someone to touch base with to help them, whether that be to help them with a problem, grooming tips or to find out when the next show is to meet like minded people. We hope that having this new info available to people will relax the pressures on an already overworked Rescue lady who tends to get these enquiries & so that 'new people' can build a rapport with someone in their area.


The first point of contact if you have any problems with your new pup or dog, should be the breeder that you purchased your new family companion from. If your pet is showing any signs of being unwell, please consult your Veterinary Surgeon as none of our Breed Buddies are qualified to give any medical assistance or advice.

We do understand that sometimes it is not possible, for whatever reason, that you may not wish to get back in touch with them, so the H&W have come up with this idea ... 'Breed Buddies'.

The purpose of a 'Breed Buddy' is for people who find they maybe having some problems with their new pup, or who would like general advice about their family companion or information on where the next breed show is to meet like minded people etc. We are here to help you.

Below you will see a list of people, divided into regional areas, who are not just H&W committee members, but who are there not only to help you with any problems, but so that you do not feel as though you are alone in your dilemma.

Any one of these 'Buddies' can be contacted by anyone. You do not necessarily have to be in their area, but it helps if you feel that you would like to see us in person.

Scotland - Mrs Judy McMurray Tel: 01563 520897
Email: alpentire_saintbernards@ambamail.com

North East - Mrs Maureen Gwillam (Co.Durham) Tel: 01388 718420
Email: coathamsaints@btinternet.com

East Midlands - Miss Pat Muggleton (Notts) Tel: 01773 872535
Mr Michael Wensley (Notts) Tel: 01773 872535
Email: patmuggleton@aol.com

Ms Leslie Swain (Melton Mowbray) Tel: 01664 840354
Email: saintsharlesford@aol.com

Mr Chris Pack (Lincs) Tel: 01476 419379
Email: Lbengy@aol.com

Mr Graham & Mrs Margaret Birkinshaw (Lincs) Tel: 01775 750181
Email: Amardapark@aol.com

Mrs Kathy Lane (Northants) Tel: 01327 311212
Email: Lanebernsaints1@aol.com

West Midlands - Mr Simon & Mrs Yvonne Millward (Walsall) Tel: 01922 491611
Email: Millward69@aol.com

South of England - Mr Jim Cootes (Surrey) Tel: 01293 771326
Mrs Sue Cootes (Surrey) Tel: 01293 771326
Email: jcadelphi@talktalk.net

Don't sit & worry or wonder, pick up the phone & give us a call .... as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved ...... No question is a silly question!

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PostSubject: Re: Health & Welfare Website - New Info   Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:42 pm

Cool! It's great to see dog lovers helping each other. I wish more people would adopt dogs. Let's make a campaign to promote dog adoption! Smile
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Health & Welfare Website - New Info
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