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PostSubject: DAISYS HIP SCORE RESULTS....   Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:17 am

just got daisys hip score back at 18:13 we are very pleased as we were told it would be alot higher as below.....

our vets has said you can add between 5 and ten pionts each side as she has already had a litter, and as she was hip scored while in season this can also add to it as the area "relaxes" in that area!
also as she is not kenneled and bounds free range all day he thought it would be high!!!

we are very pleased to think that if we even take off 5 each side for the litter she had it would be decent

we also know she had bump on her leftside when a door blew into her side from the stable one windy night- ishould have put it on its latch as that has obviosly shown up which is a shame i feel really guitly- i doubt she even remembers lol

cheri xxxxx
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